Your business depends on adhering to complex and ever-changing regulatory requirements but can you be sure your logistics operation is GDP compliant?

Since 1825, Mawdsleys has been passionate about distributing medicines, so we are excited to launch our new logistics service tailored to the pharmaceutical market.

With a dedicated and bespoke fleet and a depot network of MHRA/Home Office approved warehouses aligned to regulatory requirements including Good Distribution Practice (GDP), we offer a unique logistics solution and for the first time a secure next-day delivery for ambient and chilled medicinal products.

The Mawdsleys Benefits

  • Mawdsleys Logistics Next Day DeliveryWe provide next day delivery on all products, including ambient and chilled
  • Mawdsleys Logistics GDP GuidelinesWe are aligned to current GDP guidelines (warehouses and fleet)
  • Mawdsleys Logistics Temperature ControlWe use the latest technology for security and temperature control
  • Mawdsleys Logistics MHRA Approved DepotsWe have MHRA approved depots
  • Mawdsleys Logistics Dedicated DVSA Compliant FleetWe have a dedicated DVSA compliant vehicle fleet 
  • Mawdsleys Logistics Cutting Edge Transport ManagementWe use a cutting-edge Transport Management System with unique reporting capabilities
  • Mawdsleys Logistics RP TeamWe have a dedicated regulatory team comprising of RPs that can answer all of your regulatory questions and supply the documentation you need to meet requirements
  • Mawdsleys Logistics Green Route PlanningWe aim to be as green as possible via route planning and consolidated deliveries
  • Mawdsleys Logistics Tracking and TraceabilityWe offer full visibility for tracking and traceability
  • Mawdsleys Logistics Transport SpecialistsWe have a team of professionally qualified transport specialists who can offer a variety of solutions for your business

GDP Compliance: What Does it Mean?

We know that pharmaceuticals failing to be transported in accordance with current GDP guidelines can mean compromised product quality, regulatory non-compliance and ultimately penalties. Our infrastructure aligns to GDP guidelines so you don’t have to worry about these things. We have temperature-controlled 15–25°C (ambient) and 2–8 °C (cold-chain) distribution facilities, fully processed with Responsible Person (RP) oversight, overnight storage and collation of all necessary documentation. Does your current logistics solution offer this? If not – or if you don’t know – your organisation could be at risk. Mawdsleys offers you efficiency, compliance and peace of mind.

Integrity of Supply

Our vehicles and warehouses are aligned to GDP requirements including:
  • Temperature-controlled ambient/cold-chain controls
  • Comprehensive Standard Operating Procedures with RP oversight
  • Secure overnight storage facilities
  • Technology-equipped vehicles for pharmaceutical delivery
  • Strategically placed MHRA-approved depots
  • Detailed reporting

Orders Fulfilled Efficiently – with an Audit-ready trail

We’ve used and researched many systems over the years which means we know that our Transport Management System is the most sophisticated and robust solution on the market. It offers:
  • Dynamic and trunk routing
  • A customer order platform
  • Label production
  • Order tracking
  • Sign on glass
  • Truck navigation
  • Vehicle maintenance management
  • Charge calculation and summary
  • PDF proof of delivery
Any Questions?

Because Mawdsleys is a pharma logistics specialist, we can address all your GDP compliance concerns. Our approachable and efficient team is waiting to listen to your needs and answer any questions you have.

As a company that’s looking forward to celebrating our 200th anniversary, we’ll be able to solve whatever logistics problem you have.

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